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Deputy Manager


Seeking exceptional care for your loved one? Look no further than Fields Care Group! Our dedicated team, led by experienced and passionate professionals like Chloe, is committed to delivering the highest quality of personalised care in a warm and supportive environment.

Chloe, with her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, ensures our residents receive optimal care in every aspect. She fosters a collaborative atmosphere, empowering our team to provide the most individualised and enriching experiences possible. At Fields Care Group, we believe in respecting residents' unique needs and preferences, creating a fulfilling and happy life for each individual.

Benefits of Choosing Fields Care Group:

Experienced and qualified staff: Led by passionate professionals like our Deputy Manager Chloe, our team is equipped to handle all residents' needs with compassion and expertise.

Individualised care plans: We take the time to understand each resident's unique needs and preferences, tailoring care plans that prioritise their well-being and happiness.

Strong teamwork and collaboration: Our dedicated staff work together seamlessly to ensure residents receive the highest quality care, creating a supportive and positive environment.

Give your loved one the gift of exceptional care. Contact Fields Care Group today to schedule a personalised tour and learn more about our unique approach to senior living at Mayflower, our Residential Care Home in Llantarnam, Torfaen.

Phone: 01633 483537
Address: Mayflower Residential Care Home, Pentre Lane, Blackbirds Close, Llantarnam, NP44 3AP