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Residential Care in Newport

Whether it’s the little cares and attentions we can offer the elderly on a daily basis or a real need for loving care; our work is always focused on the human individual who requires care and support and who has a right to the same humane treatment that he or she has known throughout life. 

Dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity are all practised by our highly trained and committed carers who help to create a trusting and personal relationship with all those who come to us or live with us in Newport at Mayfield Residential Care Home.

    • Relaxed and welcoming environment

    • Family-based atmosphere

    • Attentive and dedicated staff

    • Safe, secure and compassionate


Within our inclusive residential community at Mayfield in Newport our residents are able to develop and sustain new relationships and friendships, in turn helping to enable them to continue to engage and enjoy in hobbies and pastimes that they have both been introduced to as well as those that they might have done previously.

For our residents, being a part of our residential communities is also key to avoiding the risks associated with staying at home longer where declining health and depression can be associated with the isolation and loneliness that can occur in relation to this. Instead they are part of a loving and respectful family-style, environment where they enjoy new opportunities and experiences.

    • Opportunities and Experiences

    • Strong Relationships

    • Positive Well-Being

Bespoke Residential Care

Before a resident comes to live at Mayfield, our Residential Care Home in Newport, we like to understand them as much as possible by gaining an insight into their history, likes, dislikes, hobbies. This process can be an enjoyable trip down memory lane for a new member of our residential community as well as enabling our care team to begin the process of developing a supportive, trusting and strong relationship with them as we craft their bespoke care plan.

Ensuring that every resident feels comfortable about talking openly about their lives with our care team and other residents is crucial to their happiness and well-being, we encourage this open dialogue and communication as a key element of ensuring that our residents are happy. Fostering the bond between our residents and the care team through group activities where they can gain new experiences in areas such as arts, crafts, music as well as other entertainment led experiences can all further help to facilitate this.

    • Mutual Respect from Day 1

    • Supportive, Trusting and Strong Relationship

    • Safeguarding a Lifetime of Memories

    • Creating Bonds and Sharing Experiences

FAQ's About Residential Care

Our residential care is designed to help older people to maintain their independence for longer, whilst receiving ongoing care and support to help them carry out everyday tasks that they find difficult to do alone. At Fields Care Homes, we focus on providing our residents with stimulating, fulfilling lifestyles to improve their wellbeing as well as encouraging a strong family and community feel.

Residential care brings an array of rewarding benefits to both our residents and their families. If you are considering moving your loved one into a care home, you’ll gain complete peace of mind that your loved one will feel safe, comfortable and happy with a high quality of life.

Residential care can help to reduce feelings of loneliness, help your loved one prolong their independence, whilst improving their quality of life through completely personalised care and regular activities. Our residents also live a healthier lifestyle with nutritious three course meals prepared by chefs, as well as having comfortable, homely living facilities tailored to their needs. Our residential care team are always on hand to ensure your loved one feels supported whilst providing companionship.

Our residential care plans include complete personalised centred care, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilled life in our homes.

We understand that every resident has different requirements, which is why we ask all of our residents to complete an “About Me” booklet. This provides our team with a much closer insight into each resident’s physical, emotional and social needs as well as any likes or dislikes, helping us to tailor their care plan to their exact requirements.

As part of their residential care plans, our residents enjoy a range of activities and entertainment, relaxing and engaging with other residents, enjoying nutritious meals prepared every day by our catering team and much more.

The Fields Care Group provides quality Residential Care from our homes but not nursing care.

The main difference between residential care and nursing care is that residential care offers day-to-day support provided by carers. Whereas, nursing care offers more complex medical support to those with long-term conditions or illnesses and is provided by registered nurses.

Residential care supports those who wish to maintain their independence but require additional support when carrying out everyday tasks, such as someone with reduced mobility who needs assistance with bathing, dressing or cooking. This can vary from little to more frequent support, where we adapt our residential care based on the choices and personal preferences of each resident.

Nursing care is provided by registered nurses, who are qualified to support residents with long-term acute conditions or illnesses to live more comfortably that is not sustainable in a long-term basis in residential care.